Creating Observer Accounts

There is one Administrator account that is set up for your school. That account can create and change observation forms, conduct and save observations, and create additional Observer accounts.

The additional Observer accounts can conduct and save observation. They cannot creat or change forms or add additional accounts.

Creating Classroom Observer Form

You can use one of the sample or shared forms or create your own form for conducting observations.

To use a sample of shared form, click on the View/Import Shared Forms link in the User Menu after you log in to your account. Once you view the form, click the Import Form button to import the form to your account.

To create your own Observation Form, click on the Add New Observation Form link in the User Menu. Once you create the form, you will be asked to create Sections for the form and Evaulation Items for each section.

Evaluation Items can be Multiple Choice with one selected option, Multiple Choice with multiple selected possible options, or Statement/Questions with comment responses. Each Evaluation Item will be identified by a phrase with the option to add an additional description. Multiple Choice Items with one selected option can have a ranked value included, which will allow each section to have a summary cumulative ranking for the items in that section.

You can create multiple observation forms. Each form should have a unique name. Once observations are recorded using a form, that form cannot be altered.

Conducting Classroom Observervations

To conduct a classroom observation, click on the Add New Teacher Observation link in the User Menu. Choose the form to use for the observation. Then enter the name of the Teacher being observed. Once a Teacher's name is entered, it will be included in the drop down list of teachers for future observations.

Once you've entered the observation details, click the Save button. If you need to add additional information or maked changes, you can click on the Update Teacher Observation link in the User Menu.

Viewing and Sharing Classroom Observervations

To view Observation results, click on the View/Print Observation Results link in the User Menu. You have the option to include a Summary Evaluation Ranking for each section and a signature line for the Observer and Teacher.

You can use the Print command in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to Print the Observation Results to be given to the teacher. The Print command can also be used to save the Observation results as a PDF file to your computer, which can then be emailed to the teacher.